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What is child dedication?

Baby and Child dedication is a moment during our worship service when parents and family commit their child before the Lord and submit their child to God’s ways and will. It is the act of giving back to God the gift He has given to the parents. Our pastor and church will stand with you, making the commitment to offer prayer and support for you and your family.

Dedication is not salvation. The Bible is clear that salvation comes only through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, so the child must make that decision on his or her own. We do not sprinkle, christen, or baptize babies. Again, baptism is a decision they will make individually after salvation. At the baby dedication, the parent(s) and family bring the child to the platform, where a pastor speaks words of instruction and prays over the child and family.


When is it held? 

For those who desire to dedicate their children, the following information is provided to prepare you for this very meaningful step of faith. First, you need to sign up.

Once you sign up below, we will contact you and get your child's information from you.

We conduct dedications on the last Sunday of the month during both services.

Child Dedication Registration

I want to DEDICATE

my child to Jesus!

Thanks for registering, a member of our ministry will be in touch!

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